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Whether you’re planning ahead or have an immediate need, we’re here to help you navigate your burial options and create a meaningful memorial.

A Lasting Gift for Your Loved Ones

Although it’s not an easy subject to address, pre-planning relieves your family of the burden of making decisions for you during a very stressful time. When you leave clear instructions for a final resting place, they can devote time to other important tasks, such as arranging for an obituary and communicating with the funeral home. However, we understand that every family’s circumstances are unique. Regardless of whether you have an immediate need or are planning for the future, our compassionate staff is there to offer support during this difficult period and assist with a variety of burial services, from traditional options to our modern columbariums.

Traditional Burial Options

For those desiring traditional burials, spaces are available in single, two- and four-grave plots.


  • Single-grave plot: $400
  • Two-grave plot: $800
  • Four-grave plot: $1,600
  • Cremation interment: $400
  • Full interment: $800

To learn more about our interment options, contact us.

Download a map of available plots here.

Columbarium Burial Options

Our new columbariums are a cost-effective way to respectfully memorialize an urn and pay meaningful tribute to your loved one. In a columbarium — also called a crematorium niche — ashes are placed in an urn or other container, which is placed into the niche and then sealed. Middletown Cemetery provides a secluded, dignified place for family and friends to pay their respects to a loved one in an atmosphere of spiritual comfort and peace.


Price per two-person niche:

  • Interment and inscription of names and dates for first person, plus inscription of name and date of birth for second person: $1,400
  • Interment of second person when he or she passes plus inscription of death date: $400

Contact us for more information about our columbarium burial options.

Please call us at 717-944-4123 for more information about additional services not listed.

Partnerships with Local Funeral Homes

We partner with trusted local funeral homes in Middletown, Harrisburg and other Pennsylvania locations to make the process of memorializing your loved one go as smoothly as possible. All of the partners listed here are respectful funeral home professionals, and we work with them closely as they offer services such as obituaries, caskets, ceremony planning and grief support.